Those who know me will all agree, I tend to say very little, and if I had my way, the website's images would suffice, sans any autobiography. But it seems I need the obligatory "about" page; otherwise, just posting a photo of myself leaves this page pretty barren and somewhat vain, which is a better fit for social media, not my website.

So as this story goes, my initial intent was to pursue wildlife photos as an escape back into the woods to more permanently capture the memories of the natural world, which my younger years were filled with. 

However, it was soon evident that regardless of the location, I loved the creative process, regardless of genre, subject, and moment. There is just so much to see if we stop & look at it, so much to create if we can appreciate what is in front of us.

Far from the original intent of capturing a few birds, the portfolio has since grown to include my love for lighting techniques, candid portraiture processing for commercial and stills, and macro work. And, with any luck, it will develop further each year to include more of the world that I learn to see. 

Bill Van der Hagen