If you previously read my post for videos and photos of the Prairie-Chicken Lek in South Dakota - I will spare you my subpar writing and just jump into the media on this one; mainly because I promised myself I would get through these video clips this morning but the spring South Dakota weather today makes me want to grab the camera and get out in search of warblers and shorebirds.

Similar to the Prairie Chicken these birds all gather in the spring each morning to display on a particular ground (lek) - the grouse had greater numbers and were certainly more congregated than the prairie chicken, often they jumped from bird to bird in a challenge so the grounds were filled with pairs of birds beak to beak, you could almost feel the tension in the air that lead to the random battles breaking out throughout the morning but rather than me trying to explain this odd behavior - Please just enjoy the video and photos. I captured these the day before the Prairie Chickens in Central South Dakota on a Lek about 10 miles north of the Prairie-Chicken - Needless to say - it is truly incredible, albeit bizarre to witness this activity.