Temperatures are rising and apparently, spring has sprung but I decided I could not quite wait for the birds to follow over the next few weeks so I impatiently traveled south for one of the countries largest migrations, the Sandhill Cranes of Nebraska. 

80% of the world's population of Sandhill cranes ( around 350,000 while we were in the area and between 400,000 - 600,000 total ) will arrive here each year as they fatten up for the north leg of their journey north into Canada, Alaska, and Siberia. Throughout their stay, the birds roost on the shallow bars of the river and at sunrise all move out to feed on the grains of the fields during the daylight hours while they are safe from predators. Sunset comes and all the birds move back into the river where they are safe throughout the night. Visit https://cranetrust.org/ for more information on this impressive migration. 

Sometimes these trips prove overwhelming I am not really sure how best to tell the story and the breadth of it all and this trip was no exception; so I will rely mainly on the above statistics and a bit of your own imagination to envision just how impressive the sight is but hopefully the accompanying photos and video serve to help a bit.