As the sunflowers die the bird photography switched gears from orioles and goldfinches to house wrens and song sparrows, offering a chance to capture images of some new birds in the same great places. The house wren has never looked like much but I grew up listening to the wren song each morning at my cabin in Minnesota and it never gets old to hear how vocal these little guys can, I can say they get me a little nostalgic each time I hear them calling out. I was hoping to capture a short video clip to share but, as many people can attest, they do not sit still long and I just was not quick enough this time. Tomorrow is another day in the field though….

 Soon we will begin migration with the colder weather creeping into South Dakota so it seems we have a bit between seasons right now to catch up on the new website before the flurry of warblers and waterfowl fly in for some new photo opportunities so stay tuned.

Camera Information for this Wildlife PhotoCamera: Canon 7DLens: Canon 500mm F4ISO: 500Aperture: 8Shutter Speed: 400

Updated: 4-7-17

I had a chance to upload a quick video clip of the house wren along with the photo! This was shot a bit later in the year