5:45 am arrival and the slough was empty besides 2 lonely herons, barely visible through the morning haze and it looked like it might be a slow day for nature photography.6:05 am and I could hear the roar of pelican wings overhead by the hundreds, as they all came in for a landing. The next 3 hours led to a variety of avian activity to photograph as the egret jumped in front of the feeding flocks of pelicans to catch stray bait fish, and the gulls slowly trickled in and landed in the only remaining open waters.

It was truly an amazing bird photography experience, as the day progressed I continued to watch new species come and go from the slough but for 15 hours I was never left wondering what to next take a picture of, up to the beautiful sunset, I was caught without a wide-angle lens so tried my luck with the iPhone panoramic.

Camera Information for these Bird PhotosCamera: Canon 7DLens: Canon 500mm F4ISO: VariedAperture: VariedShutter Speed: Varied