It seems this year, more than most, I came across a wider variety of birds. That certainly was the case with the warblers. These little gems of activity never disappoint. 

Every year as the spring migration nears its end, the insects hatch and that means one thing - well probably not, it probably means a lot of things, actually - but for me and the other bird photographers, it means the warblers are arriving. It also means I spend my days hiking areas that are prime for early insect hatches. You'll usually find me scoping out wooded shorelines and low covering brush.

Locating these vibrant bursts of color is one thing, getting them to sit still long enough for me to capture their "Kodak moment" is another. They're continually be-bopping from branch to branch. 9 times out of 10? You'll find them perched behind that one small twig which is perfectly placed to ruin the photo you just about had.

Regardless, the days are as exciting as the warblers move through in both quantity and variety. Each outing is an adventure. Each photo is something new. 

If you're looking for hard stats and facts about the number and variety of warbler species from this spring, you've come to the wrong place. I don't claim to be much of a writer, nor do I spend tons of time on research. I do, however, love wildlife photography. Looking for that? I'm happy to deliver.