Central South Dakota - Part II

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The sequel to part one of the central south Dakota migration, a little less waterfowling and a lot more raptors this time. If you want the story be sure to read the first post and I will keep this down to the bare minimum of just a few images! It was quite an eventful couple days, the South Dakota migration never disappoints when it comes to wildlife photography. Every environment is filled with a variety of birds as they move north for the year.



Merlin hunting photo
Merlin Perched
Immature bald eagle photography
Immature Bald Eagle
Northern Harrier photography
Northern Harrier
Sunrise waterfowl silohouttes
Waterfowl at sunrise
Pelican Landing photo
A Pelican.....for no reason other than to post it here
Pelicans and fisherman image
South Dakota style fishing competition

Bill Van der Hagen

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