Finches and Waxwings Galore

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Last weekends warm weather found me out with the intention of getting some video of the local cedar waxwings but their sporadic movements and inability to sit still, much like me many days, proved to be very difficult to capture on video. However, the time spent was still a great experience as I got to watch species after species land in a single tree throughout the day and feed on the berries. It is always amazing to see what happens when you slow down and sit still for a while.

In total in this single tree, I ended up with house finch, purple finch, gold finch, cedar waxwings, juncos, a yellow-rumped warbler, and Robins (in mass) all while waiting for the elusive 'still sitting' cedar waxwing - which in the end never happened but I did manage to get 2 x 15 second clips  of them foraging so I put together a quick video clip of them along with a few of the finch.



Yellow Rumped Warbler - Rare for this time of year
House Finch Eating Cedar Berries
Hidden Gold Finch
Cedar Waxwings Feeding on Cedar Berries

Bill Van der Hagen

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