Holiday Frosted Birds

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Traveling back to the land of 10,000 lakes - Central Minnesota - for the holiday season, I woke to find the trees covered in a persistent frost that carried on for the first 90 miles of the trip. Needless to say the opportunity got the best of me and I showed up a few hours late for Christmas because I had to make a stop at the only state park that falls between point A and point B, Camden State Park - Near Marshall Minnesota - always hosts a good variety of birds and is a great stop off point for bird watching all year long even in the dead of winter.

Thankfully in the short time, I was able to find many smaller feeder birds and a few others along the way. The chickadees and nuthatches among the frost provided a perfect photo opportunity.

nuthatch in frosted trees bird photography
nuthatch stare down - minnesota frosted winter trees

Bill Van der Hagen

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