Nebraska Snow Geese

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Each year the leading edge of the migration is apparent by the massive flocks of snow geese that move through the Nebraska and South Dakota flyway as they head north. Admittedly I often overlook the opportunity to video them and tend to go after the pintails and mallards that follow as the early arrivals but this year while photographing the sandhill cranes in Nebraska the snow geese presented an equally impressive show of just how large of scale these spring migrations can be. So we took a quick break from the 400,000 cranes to watch as flock after flock appeared on the Nebraska horizons and descended on the fields to feed while the eagles soared overhead and continued to harass them, looking for a quick meal themselves.

snow geese in flight
Snow Geese On The Move
nebraksa snow geese landing
Snow Geese Landing in Nebraska
snow geese with pintails courtship overhead
Pintails Courtship Over the Snow Geese
snow geese feeding
Snow Geese Feeding

Bill Van der Hagen

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