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Lone Red Fox Pup in the dandellion fields of Minnesota
Young fox pups over the Minnesota dandelion field

It seems to be increasingly rare to have the chance to photography red fox in the Minnesota area these days. With plenty of wildlife photos of the more abundant coyote in my camera roll, it is amazing how much the populations have changed over the years - I remember the days as a child chasing fox around the countryside while the coyote remained elusive - but today the tables seem to have turned a bit so it was quite a privilege to photograph these young fox pups den for 2 days back in 2011. As I was sorting through my old portfolio of wildlife images I made the decision that, although old, this selection of photos needed its own journal entry as a place to share the entire series.

I spent 2 days hidden away in my camo under an old rusty trailer watching 4 fox pups and all of their antics - chasing each other, fighting over who gets to stand atop the railroad debris that laid in the dandelion field, and at for one brief moment even got to watch the adult bring food in and out of the den during feeding time - this of course, I missed the photo of, the adult was more discrete in her activites and managed to sneak by without notice


Curious conversation between 2 red fox pups - minnesota wildlife photography
Red Fox Pups in discussing life
Red fox on a railroad tie - Minnesota Wildlife Photos
Red Fox Pop on the crumbling railroad

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