Swan family - 7 Years and counting

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It was great to see there is another year ahead for this nesting pair of trumpeter swans. After returning home tonight I went through the photo catalog for the history of this swan family and realized I have had the privilege of watching them for 7 straight years now, always returning to one small southern Minnesota pond with a nest near the edge of the cattails that offers a good clear runway for their flight take off. As it is thought that most trumpeters pair for life, there is a good chance these are the same 2 birds successfully nesting in the area and raising young each year.

This was the first year, however, I have ever gotten to witness the nest building - it was another gray cloudy rainy day but at least it offered some soft lighting for wildlife photography - and as has been the trend with me this year, some video work. I had the opportunity to capture the swan pair building the nest, guarding it against the encroaching Canadian geese, and at the very end of the video I witnessed some really beautiful behavior of the pair dancing and bobbing excitedly as a second pair of trumpeter swans flew into the area.

Along with the new video clip, I have included a few photos from previous years, that show the years hatch  - a sight I look forward to photographing in a couple months!

Minnesota Swans 2016
Minnesota Swan Family: 2016
Trumpeter Swan Family Year One photo 2010
Trumpeter Swan Family: 2010 (First Year watching them)
Dancing Trumpeter Swans Minnesota Wildlife Photography
Dancing Trumpeters: 2017
Nesting Trumpeter Swan photo Minnesota
Trumpeter Swan Nesting Pair: 2017

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