Woodchuck basking in the sun

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Just mixing it up a bit for this weeks post, as is usually the case with wildlife videography this is not what I had anticipated finding while out in the woods watching the songbirds. After a few hours filled with orioles, warblers, and grosbeaks; I turned around to find this groundhog basking in the small pockets of sunlight atop a log.

He proceeded to "chuck some wood" and climb up and down the length of the fallen tree at his leisure for about 45 minutes until he finally disappeared, I would assume into a den of some sort although I did not scour the area as to not disturb him and his home.

Either way, it was a bit of an offshoot from my usual birding posts but variety is the spice of life they say, right?



Woodchuck ground hog in the sunlight of South Dakota

Bill Van der Hagen

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