Wildlife & Portrait

Countless Hours.

A Single Moment.

I am a man of few words;  more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. Like many, I find the speed of modern life exhausting. Photography is my refuge. It is in the stillness of nature, waiting countless hours to capture that single moment where I feel most alive.

I discovered photography in 2008 as a way to combine my two passions for art and the outdoors. Learning the skills of this art form was an adventure of its own. With the exception of a brief two-year hiatus due creative burnout, I have never bored from chasing that single image.

Even with human subjects, there is something magical about capturing a glance, a smirk, or smile, which is gone just as quickly as it showed up.

Thanks for visiting my site. It is my hope the photos here bring you the sense of excitement and discovery I feel when it’s just me, the unknown subject, and my camera.

Worth The Wait

If it were as simple as point and shoot, everyone would be doing it. Instead, capturing wildlife requires a sense of adventure. Skill. No expectations. Watching and waiting. Lots of waiting. But it is so worth it.